FLowsensor mid

The best Flowmeter in his class!


New functionalities, slimer design for optimal inline packaging, multicolor TFT Display, high quality mulit-component molded HMI part, perfect process visulisation via LEDs and diffrent layouts in the Display...


M-Fibre Studies

MENTOR BAUelemente

With these studies, the supplier MENTOR was supported with design sketches to show some use cases for its new side light fiber system

"M-fiber". This type of light guide is very flexible and can take many products to the next level of efficiency through well thought-out design ...


Temperature Transmitter

This temperature transmitter was specially developed for the food industry.

With the light element, the three states of the device can be reliably distinguished even from a far distance.

In 2020 the series was awarded the Red Dot Design Award....


Corporate Design


A logo represents the company and its products. It should be concise and have a high recognition value. The design of the logo and the entire corporate identity is therefore an integral part. Here you will find important information behind the CI.


personal project

In this project, a German online shop was examined for its usability and potential errors were identified. After a scene-based walkthrough by the usability engineer

and the using of the metrics of ISO-9241, design solutions were generated and a click dummy created for a potential customer.

Bluetooth speaker

personal project

The user requirements are becoming more and more demanding. The majority of manufacturers concentrate on addressing as broad a mass as possible. In this personal study, fictitious requirements were raised and solution proposals developed in order to be able to achieve the goal of many manufacturers...